European Region of Gastronomy 2021

World class wine

Superb  cuisine

Beautiful nature

Authentic towns and villages

Kind people

Rich history

This small country in the heart of Europe has only 2 million residents and used to be known as a ''hidden pearl of Europe'', however over the past years Slovenia has firmly positioned itself on the world culinary map. Surrounded by the Alps on the north and the Mediterranean sea on the southwest Slovenia's climate is something unique and very diverse along its regions, which means you will taste a wide palette of wines and local cuisine during your visit.

Let us take you to the beautiful wine regions, where you will witness extraordinary work of Slovenian winemakers and chefs, enjoy country's beautiful nature and stay at luxurious hotels as well as authentic, family owned homesteads. You will taste amazing wine and cuisine, including masterpieces of chef Ana Roš, who was named World's best female chef 2017 and is also a star of Netflix' series Chef's table.

Besides food and wine there is much more to experience. You can enjoy laid- back atmosphere of Slovenia's charming capital Ljubljana, visit world famous lake Bled with a tiny island in the middle, relax in the scenic wine region Goriška Brda, get wild in the mountains trying local cheese and schnaps, visit the shocking museum of the first world war, be amazed by the underground world of Postojna cave...

Let the adventure begin!