Highlights of the tour:

  • You'll taste all Slovenia's regions, diverse in flavours, landscape, customs, traditions and dialects
  • You'll visit Ljubljana's best foodie spots
  • You'll get an abc on Slovenian wine and get an intro into food and wine pairing
  • You'll have great fun 

We will start at the Farmers Market, THE place for local produce and specialties! Food is the best way to feel a nation's soul. The diverse and vibrant market tells a story of Slovenian people, culture and traditions and is also very famous for its architecture.

Get ready to try different wine, cheese, delicious locally produced meat, traditional soup, seafood (did you know Slovenia has 45 kilometres of coast!) and among other things some sweets too. You'll also learn about typical Slovenian dishes with protected geographical status, like a delicious traditional pastry filled with walnuts.

As we'll take you around we'll tell you all about Slovenian cuisine, culture and customs that are very old but still alive today. All in all - be prepared for some good times while learning about the tastes of Slovenia through the eyes of a local food & wine lover and a sommelier.