Suggested itinerary:

In the morning your private driver will pick you up at your hotel and you will depart to west Slovenia. You will stop in Idrija, the town of UNESCO heritage, famous for protected local dish idrijski žlikrofi (stuffed dumplings), unique handmade Idrija lace and old mercury mine. You will visit Anthony’s shaft, a part of the world’s second largest mercury mine and one of the oldest still preserved entrances into mines in Europe.

After fascinating mine experience you will have lunch at a serene setting of a beautifully renovated homestead that dates back to the 14th century. At their fine dining restaurant you will experience the region’s rediscovered local cuisine that reflects a centuries-old tradition and cooking skills of Idrija housewives. You will taste idrijski žlikrofi too!

Next stop: little mountain village near Tolmin where you will have a private welcome, a tour of cheese making and a cheese tasting. It should be early afternoon by now so be prepared for some rock’n’roll since you are about to try local schnaps too!

On to Kobarid and its very different, privately run and international award-winning museum you will never forget. It is dedicated to Isonzo Front, one of the First World War’s most brutal campaigns that resulted in 500.000 casualties. As the museum will take you back in time you will witness schocking photographs, maps, documents and at times gruesome collection of weapons (the barbed metal man-traps designed to be buried in the snow are particularly chilling).

It is time for the grand finale: welcome to Hiša Franko, a house with a rich history- it used to be a roadside inn, a village mill, even a hospital during the First World War. The legend says Ernest Hemingway stayed at the house and wrote his famous novel A farewell to arms in one of the rooms overlooking the courtyard. Today it is a beautiful countryside house with a big garden and three generations living under the same roof, including World's best female chef 2017 and a star of Netflix series Chef's table: Ana Roš. She is one of the few in charge of putting Slovenia on the world culinary map in the past few years. Ana Roš is one special lady- with a mind and a heart of a great chef she follows ‘’zero kilometre philosophy’’ (only local and fresh ingredients), speaks 5 languages and diched her promising diplomatic career for the kitchen! Get ready to meet her simple, yet sophisticated cuisine of fantastic seasonal taste combinations. Enjoy your dinner!

Whenever you are ready your driver will take you back to your hotel. We hope you had a beautiful experience and hope to see you again!